Vegas here we come !!!!!

Yesterday we arrived at our 3rd Birthday, and having looked back on what we have acheived in our first three years, I feel quite proud!

When I opened my shoe boutique 3 years ago, I could only hope that all the meticulous planning and carefully selected brands would be as exciting to you as they were to me when I first stumbled across them.

My aim was not only to be able to offer something different to all ages but also all pockets, and looking back I think thankfully, I have achieved just that.  Not only do I have an immensely loyal customer following I also have a diverse age range; from mid 20’s all the way into retirement age and beyond; it’s probably as much as I could have ever wished for when opening.

In fact, not only have we managed to achieve and sustain that, the business has literally snowballed from one opportunity to another!

Let’s briefly recap…………….. since opening on 8th April 2010 we have managed to secure celebrity endorsement with “A” listers such as Yasmin Le Bon and Joanna Lumley, develop our own label of footwear, gain recognition through Drapers magazine by being selected as a finalist in the Footwear & Accessory Awards 2012, wholesale our own label (currently in 7 different counties and Scotland) as well as being invited to attend Pure, the UK’s Leading Fashion Buying Destination as a guest speaker with a presentation  “From Shopper to Retailer to Wholesaler”!

But it doesn’t stop there………as we now enter our 4th year, I am delighted to share with you our lastest achievement. We have been invited by the British Footwear Association to be a part of their “British Edition” stand at America’s most comprehensve footwear show, Platform in Vegas!   Yes, Vegas!!!   In August of this year we are launching the Nicola Sexton Collection in Las Vegas!!

I can’t tell you what a HUGE honour it is for our brand to be recognised by the BFA as one it would like to endorse and carry forward to global recognition.

It certainly gives us something to celebrate, don’t you think?  SO……. why not pop in on Wednesday the 10th April and join us for “Champagne and Cupcakes” to celebrate – not only our 3rd Birthday, but also the success we have enjoyed within those 3 years and what we hope will continue into the future.