A “Thank you” to Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley, WOW, what an amazing lady! She totally captivated the audience at the Theatre on Sunday 4th March whilst being interviewed by Sir Jeremy Isaacs at a fund raising event.  She chose, and very kindly agreed to wear for the evening, a pair of Luciano Padovan black quilted court shoes.   However, after a reliable “tip off” from her Agent of how much she liked the Giovanni Giusti Leopard Print Ankle Boot, I decided to give her both pairs.  With no planned interval I was only ever anticipating her to wear one pair during the evening……..but no…………..  Joanna insisted on a break (to include a change of shoes) and was clearly more than happy to show off both pairs by making a reference to either the shoes, or the store, on more than one occasion! A HUGE thank you Joanna!